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Since 1984, manufacturer and supplier of specialty chemical products for construction, sanitary and industrial sector!

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Ever since our establishment in 1984 we have focused on creating products for cleaning and maintenance of sanitary facilities. We have been able, thanks to the quality of our products and service, to position ourselves as one of the main suppliers to wholesalers such Facq, Desco, Van Marcke, and so on.


More recently we have also started engaging in construction chemicals, a sector where we have built a good reputation for ourselves, helped by our subsidiary Cosmar (http://www.cosmar-industries.be). But under the brand Orbi Chemicals, we also have a number of products for this sector, each one known for its effectiveness and ease of use.


Finally, we also make products for industrial cleaning and maintenance. Our detergents and degreasers can compete with the best, and are often used by catering establishments, administrative buildings and even hospitals. Come and discover the range here!




Orbi Chemicals

Since its founding in 1984, Orbi Chemicals has gradually built up a reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of specialized chemicals for the construction, sanitary and industrial sectors.

Our clients can call on our trained people who also have years of practical experience in solving the most diverse problems.

The products intended for sanitary maintenance can be obtained exclusively from the specialist wholesaler in Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg.


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